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Page left up in memory of the BCMets Crisis Fund

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Page left up in memory of the BCMets Crisis Fund
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Tumor Markers

This has just Started this March 2005, many women have been helped from the generous contributions, thank you for all your support !!!!

(This email came from the list owner or the Best Support Group You could ever hope to find !!!)


Thu, 17 Mar 2005

From: "Pete Bevin" <>  
To: "Linda Bounds" <>, "Susan Andrews" <>, "Karen Lenhart" <>
Subject: BC Support Crisis Fund
I'm so proud of you all for putting together the BC Support Crisis Fund.I had no idea when Menya and I started the group five years ago that we'd be able to help people out this way.You people rock my world!

Karen L. is the Crisis Manager along with Linda B. for the people of support group. Some of these people, mostly women with Breast Cancer, can not make ends meet. They are living on Social Security and everyone knows what that means. You're too wealthy for Social Service in this backward Country of ours. Some of these women have been abandoned by their husbands. Husbands not making enough money because they are having to spend time at home being caregivers and many other reasons. Some need help with medical bills, drug bills, utility bills and many have children. If you want to contact the crisis manager for snail mailing a money order, I've listed her email address below. If you'd rather pay by paypal, there is a link listed below.
Thank you for any help, it all adds up !!!!

A Special Thank You Goes Out To Those that Contributed the Money !!!
 We can not However disclose the Names of those in need, because of the personal and private nature of their situation. Sometimes we can when they give us permission.

Here's another link for financial assistance also.

Click for Prescription Assistance

Click here for help with Meds

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