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Types of Invasive Breast Cancer (Ductal/Lobular)

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Types of Invasive Breast Cancer (Ductal/Lobular)
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This is List I came up with by searching for symptoms.

(Because this info was found on various websites, some of it may not be accurate. You can go to and enter keywords from this list and do some research if you are interested.)
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma- is the most common. 
 Mets are most common in the Bone, Lung, Liver and Brain, lymph nodes.
Invas Lobular Carcinoma- (or infiltrating) Bone, Lung, Liver, Brain,lymph nodes, Gastrointestinal system, gynelogic, peritoneum-retroperitoneum, adnexa, Hydronephrosis, Liver, Oral Cavity, Salivary glands, leptomeninges, skin (and scalp), Central Nervous System, eyes, bone marrow.
Inflamatory - (symptoms are often mistaken for infection)
Male BC-
Lymphoma BC-
Paget's Disease of Nipple-
Phylloides Tumor-(Mostly benign but can be malignant)
Sarcoma-of the connective tissue of the breast.
Mucoid or Colloid-
Adenoid Cystic-
Adenocarcinoma -
Types are Ductal and Lobular (ducts & lobes of the breast)

I'm ductal & had mets to my adrenal gland & a blockage in the kidney on the same side that was never diagnosed as cancer or not. I recall that when I first went to my urologist to arrange for a kidney stent, he was suprised & said something to the effect that, given these, I may eventually end up with mets in the abdominal cavity. I also recall that both my onc & my GP were suprised about the adrenal gland. Quite frankly, I was in shock & at the time, all of my drs were all so focused keeping me alive for more than a couple of months, I never thought to pursue it further when they disappeared. Then chemo brain set in. Hmmmm. I'll ask my drs about this, though & let you know. Fortunately, they all seem to love my oddball questions & never pooh-pooh them or tell me my theories are "impossible".They actually try & find out more for me. We know our bodies, perhaps better than even our drs. If we are lucky, our drs take everything we say seriously, despite the stats & facts; if not we have to fight! For our lives & others'!!!!! Tavi ************************************************** My ductal metastasis list includes mets in the usual brain, bone, lungs, and liver, but also in kidney and adrenal glands and lymph nodes in abdomen. Lymph nodes found first, then adrenal gland and kidney, then bone and brain, then lungs and liver. It really scares me to write this list down, since it sounds much worse than I feel. I am still almost totally symptom free. Wouldn't know anything was wrong, except my conscientious doctor keeps doing tests! I'm now on Taxotere, waiting to see how it works. Barbara in Houston

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