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Bone Mets, Bone Marrow Biopsy "Listen!!!" (update 2/18/06)

Bone Marrow Biopsy, What Everyone Should Know !!! I have to tell you right away that this was the most unpleasant, painful experience that I have ever had. I had this done in 2003 in the oncologists office. I was laying on an exam table on my side so that my 
hip was facing the ceiling. My Dr swabbed the area with betadine, told me that it will hurt, but we needed to get the fluid in my bone marrow to test it for bone marrow mets. The needle was HUGE, I should not have looked. She then proceeded to plunge it into my hip, it felt like she was putting in a "Phillips" screwdriver into my hip. I cried through the whole thing. She got the sample and then said that she didnt get enough fluid and we had to do it again. UGG. She did it again, and I cried so hard, I told her, rather screamed at her to stop and I didnt care how much fluid she had. The biopsy was positive for bone marrow mets. It has been under control with all my chemos and I have not had a problem since then. I have since talked to others that have had the same procedure.. but they had it outpatient at the hospital and they were sedated.. I think that is the more humane way to do it. My oncologist is a great, smart woman. I just do not think that she thought it would be so hard for me, she said that other patients did ok with it in the office. I highly recommend that if anyone has to do this, ask to do it outpatient! Be well everyone, Karen

This is an example sent in from Pat in Toronto, Thank You Pat !!! Below is the Reading of the films.




Here's a Copy of my Bone Scan April 05, it was said to be clear.
I've had one Bone Scan last year that said Osteoarthritis.
I had a MRI before that Scan that said I had some slipped disc.
I just had a MRI of my Neck and Spine this past Tues. and I can hardly wait to see what the verdict is....


(at the bottom of my pelvis area is a dark spot, I actually emailed this to Musa and asked her if it could have been a Kotex, I think we both got a good laugh out of the fact that it most likely was, bone scan picks up more than it should, lol)

Zometa must be a wonder drug. Last year I had a MRI in VA that said I had some slipped discs in my spine. Last year in SC, after I moved from VA, the new treatment center did a bone scan and said I had osteoarthritis wth some spurring. This April 05 at a hospital down the road from me, my family doc got a bone scan ordered because my back always hurts. This scan was said to be clean. That's  the photo above. I just had a MRI done 7/18 (I think) and anyway it's clear too. So, I'm not sure what ever happened to the other problems, scans read wrong or Zometa is really a miracle?


I'm not a radiologist, but according to my MRI report, there is what they "feel" to be a benign Atypical Hemangioma tumor.
So because my back still hurts, I picked up my MRI scans and Reports myself. The nurse had told me on the phone that everything was fine, no mention of this tumor.  I have a follow up in three months (Oct). The saga continues...
I believe the photos show the tumor, I could be wrong because I'm not a rad. This is the spot where the back pain occurs.
Update Oct/05, I've been told that there is no change in the tumor. I got the films myself and from one view it does appear to look the same as before. The problem is I was put on a new machine this time and the scans came out much better, I think. Anyway, I guess this is GREAT news for now. I will have pic's up from this scan soon as I can download the program again that I lost along with my other computer hard drive. Want some great advice, BACK UP EVERYTHING !!!!




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