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Helpful Products List (Updated 4/9/06)

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A Big Thank You to Pam Breaky For Keeping this List Together and to everyone who's suggested the products.- Susan A.

Helpful Products and Services
March 2006

If you have trouble paying for prescription medications, talk with your onc about samples, ask about drug company programs, check out, and Partnership for Prescription Assistance 1-888-477-2669
Many churches have accounts to help their members with things— your clergy may be able help you find an “angel” to help with this.

1) Clothing Nancy Ganz Body Shaping Camisole very comfortable post surgery

Kaufmann's/ Flexees -stretchy camisole trimmed in lace
May Co

Nordstroms Karen Neuburger socks and slippers--fuzzy, pretty, comfortable
Barefoot Dreams, Cozy Chic--bathrobe, incredibly soft and comfortable

Ugg Boots fleece lined, comfy, feel like mittens for the feet, in great colors, available at $79.83 for classic short boot, up to $95 with shipping and tax

Maternity slacks accommodate ascites belly, Liz Claibourne available at Target, expandable waist and elastic without maternity look—Kaye

Silk scarves, soft berets, hats

Silk long underwear is wonderful for the cold. LL Bean and LandsEnd both sell

Swimsuits: Lands End, Sears, and

2) Meditation, Guided Imagery, Tapes meditation, guided imagery, healing--tapes, CDs Belleruth Naparstek's CDs are wonderful--there is a 4 CD "cancer pak" that I have found to be just wonderful, Fighting Cancer the best Pam

Christine Lavin's song "The Voice...On The Relaxation Tape" on her "Final
Exam" album - hysterically funny about stalking "the man...with the
voice...on the relaxation tape". Sandy


"Women and Cancer" magazine To get a free one year subscription, go to:

"Cure" magazine To get a free subscription go to:

“Breast Cancer: Treatment Guidelines for Patients” American Cancer Society

3) Creams-- only use for rad burns once onc or RNs say it is okay

see also Hand/Foot syndrome and rad burns

Vermont's Original Bag Balm – a tad greasy but good for dry skin

Udderly Smooth Udder Cream - wonderful for dry skin, healing scars, etc.

Zim's Crack Creme. Not actually a cream but a thin liquid you rub on the cracked area. Instant relief. Available at most drugstores. Joanne

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing lotion: thick and penetrating, no offensive
smell. I learned about it from a friend whose skin was very sore from
radiation. Jan T.

Aveda Balancing Infusion—is used with a moisturizer.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion—Susan advised by cancer center to use during rads—was helpful

St. Ives-Swiss Formula Lotion, esp Vitamin E lotion—recommended by nurse friend

Burt's Bee's lemon butter cuticle creme & beeswax hand creme - for daytime
care of cracked & dry skin around nails & on hands - smells terrific, not
too greasy - I keep the little tins in my purse to slather on whenever my
hands & finger tips feel dried out or are cracking - especially while
driving! Sandy

Cetaphil Lotion

4) Wigs and Hair Loss

Paula Young--on line source of synthetic and human hair wigs

Talika's Eyebrow Extender--The pen-like brush is filled with clear gel and minuscule black fibers which create faux brows that won't budge until you wash them off. Available at C.O. Bigelow Apothecary, Water Tower Place, 835 North
Michigan Avenue, between Pearson and Chestnut Streets (312-642-0551);
online at Recommended by Sue

Waterproof eyeliner--Blinc Kiss Me eyeliner- the brown color looks so natural—order from for $25 plus shipping or eBay for $17.95 that includes shipping. Recommended by Marsha

Tanning products for newly bald head: Tan Towels; or self tanning lotion, cream or spray. (Pam Drake used body jewels from the Dollar Store on her head!)

5) Adaptive Devices

Functional Solutions--from reacher/grabbers & raised toilet seats to pill crushers and canes, they have it 800 235 7054

6) Mix with pre scan drinks (check instructions for at home prep)

ginger ale

orange juice

7) for Ports and Car safety belts

port protector- donut-shaped foam cushion: order at

lambs wool seat belt cover-with Velcro fastener—available at auto supply stores

old shoulder pad in a sox—can be tied around safety harness or bra strap to protect port

8) Prostheses

Amoena Discreen model comes with Velcro tabs attached to the silicon
backing of the prosthesis - but you could add your own with self-adhesive
Velcro strips or dots, available at any fabric shop and some crafts stores.
The velcro can attach to other velcro adhesive strips placed on the chest
wall, for secure hold, or they can be used to attach heat & sweat-wicking
pads or liners, which provide greater comfort.

9) Medical Alert Bracelets (thanks to Karen L.) Also has other products

9) For Side Effects



Merinol – Rx active ingredient in marijuana—rec by our dear Alley also good for stimulating the appetite






Melatonin-20 mg sublingual rec by Barbara (sublingual=under the tongue)


Emend—long acting
Anzamet—long acting
Zofran—short acting
Kytril—short acting

Meclizine: it's supposed to be for motion control sickness, but I found it helps me get through nausea from treatment and liver mets. It's over the counter now Jan T.

Nexium one hour before meds

Peppermint Altoids

Water with lemon or real lemon and sugar

Loss of Appetite

Nutritional drinks—Ensure, Boost, Unjury protein powder (at



Prunes (grandma was right!)



Slippery Elm an herb recommended by Barbara

Solaray- Total Cleanse-Daily Fiber- 120 capsules for 12.95 on

cod liver oil capsules. Also helps achy joints skin, hair & nails

Sugar free chocolate candy-one or two pieces (Harry
and David sugarfree chocolate covered cherries; Whitman;
Russell; and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)

Yakima Valley Anti Constipation Fruit Paste

1 # pitted prunes
4 oz senna tea leaves (from health food store)
1 # raisins
1 # figs
1 cup lemon juice

1. Prepare tea; use about 2 1/2 cups boiling water, add to tea leaves and steep for 5 minutes.
2. Strain tea to remove tea leaves.
3. Place the tea in a large pan
4. Add all the fruit to the tea
5. Simmer for 15 minutes
6. Remove from heat and add lemon juice. Allow to cool
7 Use food processor/blender/mixer to turn the fruit mixture into a paste.
8. Place in glass jars or plastic containers and place in refrigerator or freezer. (It will keep for many months in the refrigerator. It will not freeze, but will keep forever in the freezer.)

DOSAGE: 1-2 TBSP per day.

Suggestions for use: Can be spread on toast, English muffin, bagel, muffin or rice cake. Best to use whole grain products for the fiber they provide. Good for breakfast, lunch or snack. On an English muffin or a bagel, for variety, first spread a thin layer of cream cheese and top with fruit paste. Also good mixed with strawberry or raspberry jam for a change of flavor. Norma says her husband doesn't need it, but uses it anyway because it tastes so good.

Heart Burn/Acid Reflux

Aloe Vera juice or gel, good mixed with grape juice, sold at most health food stores Kaye

Zantac or generic OTC (Walzan is Walgreen's brand, much
cheaper & just as effective as the name brand stuff Sandy

Dry/Sore Mouth, Chemo-mouth

Gel Clair (new product)


Oral Balance toothpaste
Club Soda/sparkling mineral water with lemon/lime

Nose Sores/dry nose (didn't see this listing yet!):

Dry/Sore Nose

Steaming, hot water(Bonus: facial),

Vaseline petroleum jelly with a cotton swab just inside the nose, especially just before bed. Doesn't cure, but alleviates the pain & far fewer nose bleeds.


Low sodium carbonated spring water

ginger ale

ginger tea

Propel water


Joint pain

Celebrex—RX—a lot of us are on it works wonders for some

Glucosamine/Chrondroitin + MSM supplement,

Microlactin (I get mine from <>, but you can buy these practically anywhere) Kris


cod liver oil capsules. Also helps constipation, skin, hair & nails


making lists, word games (crossword puzzles, wordfind), Balderdash, Word Mojo (Yahoo game online - free), journal-writing memories & current thoughts/feelings, card game "Concentration" - kinda a "use it or lose it" thang! Sandy

Phosphatidylserine - improved cognition (to offset the effects of chemobrain, again, can get from

Cymbalta also called duloxetine for peripheral neuropathy

neurontin (600-1200 mg per day) for neuropathy.

little purse-sized notebook & a pen. Not just for your to-do-list! Also good for on immediately recording ???'s you keep forgetting to ask the onc ,odd side effects that aren't continual & frequency & degree of pain/discomfort.

Hot Flashes

Effexor Rx &#8220;treatment of choice&#8221; for women who cannot take estrogen

Evening Primrose Oil --I've been taking it twice a day for 8 months and it works terrific! I'm down to about 1-2 a day instead of hourly Cathy M.

A body cooling neck wrap that does not require refrigeration. It
is basically a fabric bandana with some sort of neat gel crystals in it. You soak it in plain tap water for about 30 minutes or so the first time and it stays cool for up to 3 days! You rehydrate it every 2nd or 3rd day for 10 to 15 minutes. Tie it around your neck or head, whatever. The Cobber, from Australia is available at A similar product is called the Neck Buddy and is sold in the USA at some drug stores and health food stores.

Itchy Skin

Neurotin (Rx)

Hydroxyzine (Rx)

Benedryl cream mixed with witch hazel

Any topical benedryl&#8212;cream, gel

Benedryl , 25 mg OTC&#8212;talk to onc about how much you may take

Scalp Itch

I used one of those stocking like head covers under the wig, and it felt
comfortable even when the hair began to grow back in. Esther

100% aloe vera gel (clear) at drug stores such as those in Walmart or Longs Drugs. It is about $7.00. Kaye

I used OTC cortisone cream and learned to tie scarves in various ways.

A pencil is a great tool for scratching under the wig! LOL anonymous

Rad Burns


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion

Aloe Vera

Glaxal based cream

Hand/Foot Syndrome

Vitamin B 6 100 mg

White cotton gloves/sox to wear over cream at night

xeroform petrolatum dressing-for dressing cracks&#8212;great when refrigerated and cold

hydrogen peroxide and tea tree oil to clean lifting nails

Vicks Vaporub for toenail fungus

ResQ cream by Dr. Burt for hands & Almond Milk hand cream by Dr. Burt for feet Char

Working Hands lotion from the drug store

Bag Balm

wet washcloth in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer. Partially defrost and cover with light towel when you need a cold pack for feet or hands


Nails: Surgical gloves while preparing mucky foods

Sally Hansen xtra strength cuticle cream all over the nails, cheap, smells
good & gives a somewhat healthy appearance to ugly nails.

Tea Tree Oil, alone or with Vicks Vaporub

Vaginal Dryness

Replens OTC

Testosterone cream 2.5 mg/ml cream, Rx compounded







No guilt chocolate

A glass of Merlot

Electric mattress pad&#8212;very soothing

Down comforter&#8212;makes a cozy nest


Weekend trips

A new car so you don&#8217;t have to worry about repairs
Chrysler Town and Country suggested for comfortable front seats
Prius suggested for dainty appetite at the gas pump
Red convertible for the &#8220;inner babe&#8221;

Spa or hot tub

A cruise

Suggestions for treating radiation burns (from a Radiation Technologist):


Brew some really strong tea - use something like regular Lipton, not a green tea. Let it cool completely, dip a cloth in it and apply the cloth to the burning areas. This will take the burning sensation away (it's the tanic acid in the tea that does that). She said some patients with radiation to large areas have even dipped whole t-shirts in it and worn them to get relief! You can save the tea and reuse it.

She also suggested if you have an area of &#8220;weepy&#8221; skin to keep it clean and dry and start applying an antibiotic cream to prevent infection.

Choline Reduces Risk of Breast Cancer

Choline, an essential nutrient found in foods such as eggs, is associated with a 24 percent reduced risk of breast cancer, according to a study supported by a grant from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), to be published in The FASEB Journal print issue in June.(1) This study adds to the growing body of evidence that links egg consumption to a decreased risk of breast cancer.

In this new case-control study of more than 3,000 adult women, the risk of developing breast cancer was 24 percent lower among women with the highest intake of choline compared to women with the lowest intake. Women with the highest intake of choline consumed a daily average of 455 mg of choline or more, getting most of it from coffee, eggs and skim milk. Women with the lowest intake consumed a daily average of 196 milligrams or less.

Choline is needed for the normal functioning of cells, no matter your age or gender, says Steven H. Zeisel, MD, PhD, University of North Carolina, who is an author of the study and a leading choline researcher.Increasing evidence shows that it may be particularly important for women, particularly those of child-bearing age.

Only ten percent of Americans currently meet the recommended intake for choline, identifying a need to increase choline intake across the population.(2) According to the Institute of Medicine, adequate choline intake is 550 milligrams per day for men and breastfeeding women, 425 milligrams per day for women, and 450 milligrams per day for pregnant women.(3) One egg contains 125.5 milligrams of choline, or roughly a quarter the recommended daily supply, making eggs an excellent source of this essential nutrient.(4) Choline is found exclusively in the egg&#8217;s yolk. Other top food sources of choline include liver, wheat germ and cauliflower.

While choline is an essential nutrient to the human diet, most people havent even heard of it, says Gerald Weissmann, MD, Editor in Chief of The FASEB Journal and research professor of medicine and director of the Biotechnology Study Center at the New York University School of Medicine. Given that in the U.S. there is a real need to understand how much choline we require in our diet, we hope that research, education and awareness about choline will increase as a result of this study published in The FASEB Journal.

Eggs and Decreased Risk of Breast Cancer:

Two previously published studies, supported by NIH grants, have shown that women who eat eggs have a lower risk of developing breast cancer:

* A study published in 2003 by researchers at Harvard University found that women who reported higher consumption of eggs, vegetable fat and fiber during adolescence had a smaller risk of developing breast cancer as adults. Specifically, eating one egg per day was associated with an 18 percent reduced risk of breast cancer.(5)
* A study of Chinese women published in Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention in 2005 showed that those who consumed the most fruit, vegetables and eggs were significantly less likely to have breast cancer. For those that reported eating at least six eggs per week, the risk of developing breast cancer was 44 percent lower than for those who ate two or less eggs per week.(6)

Other Benefits of Choline:

In addition to playing a role in the normal functioning of all cells, including brain and nerve function, liver metabolism and the transportation of nutrients throughout the body, choline has been shown to:

* Prevent Birth Defects: According to population-based research, infants from mothers whose diets were deficient in choline were four times more likely to have neural tube defects such as spina bifida. This increased risk was observed even when other nutrients that help prevent birth defects, such as folic acid, were in adequate supply.(7)
* Improve Memory: Research suggests that choline is essential for proper fetal and infant brain development. It appears that choline affects the areas of the brain responsible for memory function and life-long learning ability.(8)
* Reduce Heart Disease Risk: Choline, like folate, is involved in breaking down homocysteine, an amino acid in the blood that may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease. In fact, research shows that choline deficiency results in increased homocysteine levels.(9) This may help to explain why 30 years of research have shown that healthy adults can consume eggs without increasing their risk of heart disease.(10)

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