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Neck area Mets Symptoms (added 2/20/06)
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Neck area Mets Symptoms (added 2/20/06)
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This Page is dedicated to the Neck area and possible symptoms to look out for. 

"One morning in May 2003 shortly after having bone mets and bone marrow mets dx I woke up and could not lift my heard. I was so scared! I could only whisper as my neck collapsed! I went to the radiation Dr, I was getting rads to my lower L spine and he saw me and was shocked. He rushed me into a 5pm MRI down the street. Mets had invaded my vertebrae C4-7 compressed, collapsed.. whatever. I could not talk above a whisper and also could not swallow very well. I was put into a hard 3 inch high neck collar. The size is individual for everyone. I had to wear it 24/7 for the next year. I did do rads to C4-7 for six weeks and did get most of my movement back from side to side. I am back to driving and am wearing only a soft collar for driving and do not have to wear it other than that. The most difficult thing to live with this is I lost 3-4 inches in height.I was only 5'3 to begin with. I am now officially 4'9. It really is hard to find clothes that are not too long, even in the petite department. Since I live in Florida, most capri's are good pants for me, and that works fine. I sit on 2 firm decorative pillows to drive so I can see out the front of my car. I cannot look up to see the stars in the night sky. I go everywhere with this inflatible pillow for fragile spine, including driving. Many people, including Dr's have told me it is dangerous for me to drive in case I was in an accident.I told them I do not have a choice, I am a single Mom and want to enjoy life to the fullest.I am living with stg4 with basically a broken neck.but honestly I do feel good and I am very blessed that the radiation gave me back almost all movement of my neck except to look up. The only thing I am wondering is what I am going to do when my son reaches 6 ft tall? LOL, I will stand on a chair!" Be well everyone, Karen (a very detailed article)
The most telling sign is a lump in the neck area or collarbone that might indicate a lymph node. Secondary cancers are tumors that have spread from primary tumors in other parts of the body. Most often, secondary tumors of the neck originate in the lung, breast, kidney, or from melanomas in the skin.
•Lump in the neck, a lump that lasts for more than 2 weeks and/or gets larger. This may be a lymph node to which cancer has spread. But if the symptoms seem unusual or last more than about two weeks, you should see your doctor.
***I was originally DX'd with Stage IV back in 2004 and one of the metastatic sites was to the neck lymph nodes usually refferred to as the supraclavicular. I found the painless lump by just rubbing my neck while sitting at my computer. I went into the bathroom and was able to see the swelling in the mirror. I just had a similar occurance in 2006, surgical removal of nodes showed tattoo ink (from nipple reconstruction tattoo) and sinus infection? Can' recall the exact wording, but not cancer this time. 
If you want to research more on this, you can use keyword "cervical" instead of "neck" also. Keep in mind about the other cervical area we have as well or your search may confuse you, lol. -Susan Andrews***

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